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"Foam Roller" Dark cork Black leather strap

1195 SEK

"Foam Roller" Dark cork Black leather strap

Made from 100% natural cork

The foam roller’s ability to increase blood flow through muscle release, benefits in both warmup and cooldown routine. Simply a perfect multiuse tool for your home-training.
Simply roll it over your preferred muscles and massage it gently. When applying pressure to specific points you increase muscle-recovery and restore its function. As you stretch the muscles and tendons, you’ll release tension and dissolve scar tissue.

We truly believe that your home-workout rely on you having your tools within sight at all times. Because lets face it, if your workout tools fits a little to well in the drawer, that´s where they will stay.

Dapperey began as a vision – making training products an interior accessory. We believe that accessibility is one important factor in getting that work out done, inspiring and attractive products another.

We strive to make our products 100% recycable and we only use sustainable materials like cork and high quality leather.

We promote a more active lifestyle and we believe that our products can help you by always be seen, by always be looked at and admired. And most important, they´re always ready to use.

org nr: 559044-0789